The Location

2020 ICF Dragon Boat World Championships are coming to India for the first time as Indore has been chosen out of five Indian cities to host this sports event at Bilawali Lake (Talab) in which over 1200 players and delegates from over 25 countries are going to participate.

Bilawali Lake (Talab) once known as an oasis, was built by Yashwant Rao Holkar in 1918. It is  located in the heart of the Indore, and the approximate water body area is 200 acres. Its water is used for drinking purposes. It will be developed and promoted as a significant tourist and picnic spot of Indore after hosting 2020 ICF World Dragon Boat Championships from 12th to 15th November. The designated authorities in Indore have been actively working towards cleaning and maintenance of the lake to make it pleasant for the tourists.

The route to Bilawali Lake (Talab) from the Airport and Indore Railway station is 45 min (14.7 km) and 31 min (7.1 km approx) respectively. The city is connected with flights and trains from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and so on. The lake is having starting and finishing lines, jetty for parking boats, sitting area is for 2000 athletes, walking strip of 3 Kms, solar transportation and parking area.

Indore will also be hosting 6th Asian Dragon Boat Championships 2020 from 16th November to 18th November 2020.

Indore is popular for its beautiful surroundings. The city’s rich heritage and culture is reflected through the beautifully built palaces and temples. The best places to visit in Indore are Laal Baag Palace, Rajwada, Kanch Mandir, Bada Ganpati, Indore Museum, Khajrana Ganesh Temple, Gomatgiri, Venkatesh Temple and many more. Recognized as The Cleanest City Of India for the third time. The City is known for its Public awareness, beautiful gardens, roadside beautifications. Indore will also be hosting the IIFA Awards 2020, which a one of the biggest award nights in India and attracts many stars from the film industry.